Download Pakotec Productions Bizarre FX Vol 1 – Uplifters, Downsweeps and Reversed Sound Effects

‘Bizarre FX Vol 1’ comes with no less than 320 stunning FX samples, including a range of uplifters and sweeps as well as reversed FX. Supplied as 24-bit WAV files, this high quality collection will be at home in almost any genre of modern music, be it commercial or underground.

This collection of useful and adaptable FX sounds is organised into the following categories:

• Uplifters x 120
• Extra Long Uplifters x 19
• Downsweeps x 121
• Reversed FX short x 20
• Reversed FX medium x 20
• Reversed FX long x 20

All of these samples are royalty free and cleared for use in commercial releases and productions. Expand your Pakotec library with this essential collection of FX!


Bizarre FX Vol 1 is available for download at


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